United States has Declared Its first

National Drug Testing Day as of April 21 2023

Please do your part, be responsible and accountable to help others.


The unofficial holiday, National Surprise Drug Test Day, began as an answer to another unofficial holiday called National Marijuana or Weed Day, which occurs every year on April 20. When parents and companies caught on to the fact that April 20 was Marijuana Day, they would carry out drug tests on their children or employees the following day. Employees who test positive for the substance might be at risk of losing their jobs.

This has become the subject of heated debates and advocacy groups for the legalization of marijuana argue against the unfairness of letting go of employees merely on the basis that they are marijuana users. This is especially so in states where marijuana use is legal.

According to the outreach director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML,) a legal advocacy group:

“Even though marijuana is legal and readily available in several states, consumers are being unfairly forced to choose between their job and smoking off the clock because of obsolete employment practices.”
On the other side of the debate, legitimate reasons exist for the policy of surprise drug testing, such as the fact that workers in certain industries must never be under the influence of drugs while on the job because of the negative consequences that might occur. For instance, transportation workers who require total concentration, doctors and nurses who need to be clear-minded and focused. National Surprise Drug Test Day is a good avenue for discussion between both sides and an opportunity to provide information about drug use and abuse.


Source of information NCA/PDA